Barre C.S.F. ™ Certification Training

Barre C.S.F. ™ Certification Training


PRANA barre certification is a unique approach to barre training. It is unique because of the overall structure of the class. This Barre Program is a combination of multiple elements including ballet, Pilates, cardio, yoga and strength training. The format of the class begins with a cardio warmup on your mat to get the body warm before engaging in strength combinations designed for the upper and lower body. Next, cardio intervals, balance and flexibility exercises are added and intertwined. The final section of the class is comprised of exercises using a ballet barre. Lastly, the class finishes back on the exercise mat for core work. This workout is designed to be the solution for clients who want to include the three important components in any workout cardio, strength training and flexibility in just one hour.

What separates our barre class and trainings from other barre classes and franchises? PRANA Barre or C.S.F is an entire total body workout. Other barre classes focus on lower body exercises and low weight upper body work. Cardio is not encouraged. While we do not have a standard class routine, teachers are given a format and basic exercises to include in their classes. At the same time, they are still encouraged to be creative and change up their routines on a weekly basis. This is a huge benefit to the client because their muscles do not entirely adapt to any class which keeps them guessing. It also keeps them coming back! This class does create overuse of muscles and is perfect for clients who are looking for an injury prevention cross- training workout.

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