Competition Team

Competition Team

The Prana Dance Company is our competitive dance team. Prana has been competing throughout Ohio for five years and has traveled to win two National Titles. We have created multiple teams to offer each family a commitment level that’s right for their schedule. We have four team levels which are broken down by the amount of hours per week your dancer would like to commit. Competitions typically break down levels based on hours of dancing per week and years that dancers have spent competing. However, here at Prana we are ONE team. These levels are NOT based on the abilities of dancers. Rather, they are a means for you to decide how much time you want to dedicate to the team. It is a way for every dancer to find their place on the team!

Dancers may be grouped in:

Mini Team: Our lowest level commitment team is our Mini Team. Our Mini Team is for any dancer ages 4-8 years old that are excited about dance and are ready to be on the big stage. The Mini Team has a very low hour requirement to keep our little dancers interested in dance.

The Recreational Level: The Recreational Level is for any dancer looking to do less technical hours and dance classes throughout the week. Also, each dancer on our Recreational Team will be entered in the recreational through intermediate levels at all dance competitions attended during the season. This ultimately will be based on the ability of the dancer/dancers. Levels will be determined by the number of years of experience at the competitive level.

The Intermediate Level: The Intermediate Level is for any dancer looking to a find the balance between the Elite and our Recreational Levels. Intermediate dancers will take the minimum amount of technique classes and have the option for master classes and conventions. Based on experience level and commitment, dancers in this group may be entered in the recreational, intermediate and/or higher levels of competition.

The Elite Level: This team will have more stringent requirements as far as class time and rehearsal; it will also be required for Elite dancers to participate in more technique classes, master classes, and conventions in order to further their training. They will be held to higher standards both in the classroom and at competitions.

All our teams are directed by Prana’s Dance Director Angela Seitz and assisted by Assistant Dance Director Erika Wallace and April Smith. All of the choreography is done by the three directors with the help of guest choreographers.


For more information on how to audition for the Prana Dance Company visit our Prana office for an audition packet, we are now accepting audition applications! If you have any questions contact Dance Director/Owner Angela Seitz at!